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Manly Moustache Man! :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 4 0 Patronizing Puns: Well Done - You're a COCK! :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 2 0 Logo Commission: Nick GD Youtube channel :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 1 0 Practice OC :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 0 0 Audino Girl :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 13 2 Juvia sweater :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 5 2 Gyudon Battle :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 2 0 Radical bird :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 6 2 Sexy Legged Pikmin :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 2 0 Gardevoir Background 16:10 ratio :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 26 5 Hotspring Hottie (Request) (Safe Version) :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 4 1
Mature content
Hotspring Hottie Final Piece (Request) :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 3 1
Gardevoir Speedpaint :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 8 0 The Burrito :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 0 0 Sailor Mewnie :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 41 5 Example Logo designs :iconcapotain-media:Capotain-Media 0 0


Huntress Wizard :icondeliriousphantom:Deliriousphantom 60 4 best girl 2k16 :iconjimibbie:Jimibbie 20 7 Roronoa Zoro :iconweichenstudio:Weichenstudio 105 19 Lil' Lovebirds :iconmaddemichael:MaddeMichael 7 5 Pursuit in Bubbly Clouds :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 171 18 Angry Mother :iconslatena:Slatena 48 9 Pokemon Trainer - Acid (Commission) :iconlukael-art:Lukael-Art 28 5 Day #17 - Little Lizard :iconblinkinginkling:BlinkingInkling 26 3 Venom #1 - variant backcover :iconpawcioky:PawcioKy 93 14 Emperor Kuzco Fan Art :iconskavenzverov:SkavenZverov 188 17 Kek :iconwinterter:Winterter 112 6 Game Grumps Dedication :icongazkie:gazkie 65 2 Over The Garden Wall :iconapanda54:apanda54 29 0 Doomination :iconmisteryoshiandwatch:MisterYoshiandwatch 276 20 Too Many Birds! - Squad Number 1 :iconmaddemichael:MaddeMichael 18 7 Aquarium :icondnkk:Dnkk 4 0



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm an idiot with a tablet and a love for Cartoons, Anime and Pickles

Expect weird things from me, including Danny Devito's face on a pikachu, muscular Pikmin and occasionally I try to make art that doesn't scar people for life.

I'm always willing to take up Comissions and Suggestions, so don't hesitate to ask, but please, NO ART TRADES or REQUESTS.

*Prices on commissions are somewhat negotiable!*

If you don't want to pay for art, just comment a suggestion and if it inspires me, I'll probably do it, but don't hold your breath.



Manly Moustache Man!
With supple, flexible and generally magnificent moustache comes great responsibility!
As such, I got you covered on the first part of that, which is of course being aware of your facial hair, and the second part, being that you must show it off to everyone!

Whether you want to out of pride, irony or spite, you can also wear this on a shirt, sticker or even phone case!
To do that, just follow this link to the redbubble store page with it on here:…

Or you can browse the prints section of DA, if that's more your bag (Wait, we've got them too!) 
Patronizing Puns: Well Done - You're a COCK!
Oh, it's been a little while since I last posted something, hasn't it?
Well never fear! More puns are coming here!

Yes, I've been working on a series of puns and joke merch and this is the first one to be finalised!
I'll be uploading them as I get them sorted out so you guys can see them.

Do you like the design?
You can get on shirts, stickers, backs and phone cases from RedBubble, which you can find here:…

Or if you aren't bothered, you can get it as a print here on DA.
Logo Commission: Nick GD Youtube channel
This is a commission that I got in the other week and I really don't know why I didn't think to put them on here to show people sooner, I mean really? How silly could I be?

Anyways, my intelligence aside, these are the three variants I created for the guy, going from the initial idea on the left to the final version on the right.

I don't believe the guy has actually started his channel yet though, so they are yet to be on the interwebs.

This really did not take me long to whizz up, so if YOU'D like a logo designing and making, just get in tough and I'll see what I can do for you.

The prices range from about $5-$25, depending on how much work it takes for me to do.
Practice OC
I figured, with the new year coming in, that it might be a good idea to practice some more little bits and piece, and so this character was born!

I don't have a name for her or anything, but I think I'll be working with her for a little while to practice and study darker skin tones, piercings, clothing design, lighting and hair-styles.

I think the other big thing for me to practice with her is my freehand proportions: for some odd reason whenever I try a dynamic angle, I just make the head bigger and it doesn't really work.
Does anyone have any tips for that? I'm really struggling to wrap my head around it!

I am painfully aware of all of the faults with this piece, but like I've said, it's for practice (It doesn't stop me from being disappointed though...)
I don't really have anything planned to say other than that, so I'll just put down whatever.
I'm sure it'll be fine, right?

Anyways, with a new year coming in (Thank goodness 2016 ended, amiright?), we have new art coming in from all over the place and thanks to my little sister of six years old, I've got something in development that will be coming in with it:


So both me and my little sister have been the youngest in the household with an older sibling showing them anime, cartoons and comics.
(She's my Half-sister and more than a decade younger than I (which is also the difference between me and my older sister who introduced me, crazy, right?))

As such we both also ended up growing up with things like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Dragon Ball and Ultimate Muscle.
In fact, we have this little thing we coined called J-Bo Club (Yes,  J-Bo is actually my day to day nickname) in which we spend and hour or so watching Ultimate Muscle together.
As for magical girl shows, they aren't my scene, my older sister showed her that.

When she suggested combining magical girls and wrestling, I couldn't help but keel over at the thought of the jokes that can be made!

At the moment it's looking like the main story and character designs will be created by her (With assistance of course) and I'll be in charge of actually structuring this crazy thing and drawing it.
The jokes will probably be a joint effort between us, so it should be mostly child friendly.

The chances are that, despite being inspired by anime, the style of the comic won't necessarily be that sort of thing, but that's yet to be completely decided.

So that's how it's going down (I'm yelling timber), I'll keep updates coming up whenever we get somewhere with it and assuming it doesn't fall through, you can be expecting a comic about magical girls wrestling Goatmen in the near future!

Ta Ta for now!
I'll be seeing you later! ;)


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I'm sorry, I'm actually in the middle of animating it myself...

Send me a note telling me what you want and I'll see what I can do, but I just don't think I'm interested in art trades.
VoltTecher Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I'm glad you enjoy my art!
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